Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cornerstone 2011: the Impact Stage Show

Today’s soundtrack: Church of the Cross’s “Hymns.”

I’ve tried to be consistent in keeping up with my recording of the Nathan Stiteler Tour of 2011, but the last couple weeks I’ve petered out in the pursuit of online job applications and much-needed coffee dates with friends I’ve neglected this past school-year of crazy!!

So, to be faithful to my determination to archive these memories, but also accept the reality that three weeks have gone by since the trip, the next few posts contain just the highlights of Cornerstone 2011.

Impact Stage show: our first show was at one of the minor stages on Wednesday, June 29th at 3:45. Of course it was blazing hot, but that’s Cornerstone, so I got as dolled up as possible in the sweltering furnace, and we went on. The band before us was some sort of screaming rock band with lots of eyeliner, and the leader singer was so caught up in his screaming that he hit his face with the mic and got a nosebleed… which I later stepped in and tracked all over the stage. The sound was pretty good inside the tent, and after such an awesome show at Mama Linda’s I was really excited to play our stuff. Then, about a song in, Nate’s guitar leaped from his arms and crashed “face”-down on his pedal-board, which started shrieking all kinds of god-awful distortion. I stood there, paralyzed, watching while Nate ran around readjusting pedals. The whole affair probably lasted 35 seconds, but from my perspective stretched on in slow motion. That and needing to cut the set-list short kind of killed the mood, but the crowd we had, though small, seemed to like Nate’s stuff as folks all throughout this trip continue to do, so that’s great. We looked at the small goofs as “dress rehearsal” for the big gallery stage!

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Lindsey said...

Thanks for sticking with the posts, lovely lady. I chuckled out loud at the guy hitting his face with the microphone. A few weeks ago at church, I slammed my tooth into the mic while I had my eyes closed. Such moments of gracelessness are perhaps some of our most human. But, really?? He didn't clean up his blood??